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Accession:GO:0031424 term browser browse the term
Definition:The process in which the cytoplasm of the outermost cells of the vertebrate epidermis is replaced by keratin. Keratinization occurs in the stratum corneum, feathers, hair, claws, nails, hooves, and horns.

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keratinization term browser
Symbol Object Name Evidence Notes Source PubMed Reference(s) RGD Reference(s) Position
G AABR07012291.2 IEA GO_REF:0000043 UniProt GO_REF:0000043 Ensembl chr 2:192,283,152...192,288,568 JBrowse link
G AABR07012299.1 IEA GO_REF:0000043 UniProt GO_REF:0000043 Ensembl chr 2:192,416,615...192,434,072 JBrowse link
G AABR07012302.1 IEA GO_REF:0000043 UniProt GO_REF:0000043 Ensembl chr 2:192,538,899...192,616,141 JBrowse link
G AABR07012314.1 IEA GO_REF:0000043 UniProt GO_REF:0000043 Ensembl chr 2:192,978,065...192,978,466 JBrowse link
G AABR07012317.1 IEA GO_REF:0000043 UniProt GO_REF:0000043 Ensembl chr 2:193,041,964...193,042,323 JBrowse link
G AABR07012317.2 IEA GO_REF:0000043 UniProt GO_REF:0000043 Ensembl chr 2:193,051,610...193,063,357 JBrowse link
G AABR07012318.1 IEA GO_REF:0000043 UniProt GO_REF:0000043 Ensembl chr 2:193,083,901...193,101,051 JBrowse link
G AABR07012323.1 IEA GO_REF:0000043 UniProt GO_REF:0000043 Ensembl chr 2:193,286,721...193,294,599 JBrowse link
G AABR07033579.3 IEA GO_REF:0000002 InterPro GO_REF:0000002 Ensembl chr11:28,945,575...28,960,996 JBrowse link
G AABR07033580.1 IEA GO_REF:0000002 InterPro GO_REF:0000002 Ensembl chr11:28,973,432...28,979,169 JBrowse link
G Abca12 ATP binding cassette subfamily A member 12 ISO MGI:3528440|MGI:3809668|MGI:4461044 (MGI:3807143|PMID:18632686), (MGI:3829841|PMID:18957418), (MGI:4460077|PMID:18802465) RGD PMID:18632686 PMID:18802465 PMID:18957418 MGI:3807143 MGI:3829841 MGI:4460077 NCBI chr 9:78,521,477...78,693,421
Ensembl chr 9:78,522,464...78,693,028
JBrowse link
G Cdh3 cadherin 3 ISO (PMID:22696062) RGD PMID:22696062 NCBI chr19:38,668,957...38,719,801
Ensembl chr19:38,669,230...38,719,677
JBrowse link
G Il1a interleukin 1 alpha IDA RGD PMID:20385541 RGD:4142790 NCBI chr 3:121,824,712...121,836,122
Ensembl chr 3:121,825,412...121,836,086
JBrowse link
G Ivl involucrin IEA GO_REF:0000043 UniProt GO_REF:0000043 NCBI chr 2:192,761,171...192,773,346
Ensembl chr 2:192,761,538...192,763,577
JBrowse link
G Kazn kazrin, periplakin interacting protein IEA GO_REF:0000043 UniProt GO_REF:0000043 NCBI chr 5:160,637,235...161,730,513
Ensembl chr 5:160,639,578...160,742,479
JBrowse link
G Kb15 type II keratin Kb15 ISO MGI:1333768|MGI:96691 (MGI:3525934|PMID:15601842) RGD PMID:15601842 MGI:3525934 NCBI chr 7:143,208,034...143,217,771
Ensembl chr 7:143,208,527...143,217,535
JBrowse link
G Krt16 keratin 16 ISO (MGI:5613485|PMID:11029038) RGD PMID:11029038 MGI:5613485 NCBI chr10:88,149,210...88,152,167
Ensembl chr10:88,149,345...88,152,064
JBrowse link
G Krt17 keratin 17 ISO MGI:1100845|MGI:1333768 (MGI:3525934|PMID:15601842) RGD PMID:15601842 MGI:3525934 NCBI chr10:88,158,993...88,163,712
Ensembl chr10:88,118,001...88,163,723
JBrowse link
G Krt2 keratin 2 IEA
PMID:12598329 GO_REF:0000107 NCBI chr 7:143,412,858...143,420,463
Ensembl chr 7:143,412,858...143,420,027
JBrowse link
G Lce1f late cornified envelope 1F IEA GO_REF:0000043 UniProt GO_REF:0000043 NCBI chr 2:192,990,607...192,992,193
Ensembl chr 2:192,990,831...192,991,199
JBrowse link
G Lce1l late cornified envelope 1L IEA GO_REF:0000043 UniProt GO_REF:0000043 NCBI chr 2:193,164,403...193,165,736
Ensembl chr 2:193,164,403...193,165,736
JBrowse link
G Lce3e late cornified envelope 3E IEA GO_REF:0000043 UniProt GO_REF:0000043 NCBI chr 2:193,275,472...193,276,006
Ensembl chr 2:193,275,507...193,275,803
JBrowse link
G LOC102550598 small proline-rich protein 2I-like IEA GO_REF:0000043 UniProt GO_REF:0000043 NCBI chr 2:192,520,019...192,521,188
Ensembl chr 2:192,520,733...192,520,960
JBrowse link
G LOC102552128 late cornified envelope protein 1C-like IEA GO_REF:0000043 UniProt GO_REF:0000043 NCBI chr 2:193,007,315...193,008,931
Ensembl chr 2:193,007,573...193,007,929
JBrowse link
G LOC102552326 late cornified envelope protein 5A-like IEA GO_REF:0000043 UniProt GO_REF:0000043 NCBI chr 2:192,959,220...192,961,921
Ensembl chr 2:192,959,887...192,960,294
JBrowse link
G LOC102552651 small proline-rich protein 2H-like IEA GO_REF:0000043 UniProt GO_REF:0000043 NCBI chr 2:192,462,489...192,463,827
Ensembl chr 2:192,463,203...192,463,475
JBrowse link
G LOC108350059 small proline-rich protein 2B IEA GO_REF:0000043 UniProt GO_REF:0000043 NCBI chr 2:192,147,229...192,148,625
Ensembl chr 2:192,147,998...192,148,267
JBrowse link
G Sfn stratifin ISO MGI:1861121 (MGI:55181|PMID:6174530) RGD PMID:6174530 MGI:55181 NCBI chr 5:151,823,422...151,824,937
Ensembl chr 5:151,823,887...151,824,633
JBrowse link
G Sharpin SHANK-associated RH domain interactor ISO MGI:1856699 (MGI:75289|PMID:7792947) RGD PMID:7792947 MGI:75289 NCBI chr 7:117,413,151...117,417,455
Ensembl chr 7:117,413,152...117,417,363
JBrowse link
G Sprr1a small proline-rich protein 1A IEA GO_REF:0000043 UniProt GO_REF:0000043 NCBI chr 2:192,669,143...192,671,059
Ensembl chr 2:192,669,143...192,671,059
JBrowse link
G Sprr2d small proline-rich protein 2D IEA GO_REF:0000043 UniProt GO_REF:0000043 NCBI chr 2:192,480,676...192,481,990
Ensembl chr 2:192,481,028...192,481,273
JBrowse link
G Sprr2h small proline-rich protein 2H IEA GO_REF:0000043 UniProt GO_REF:0000043 Ensembl chr 2:192,305,560...192,381,716 JBrowse link
G Tgm1 transglutaminase 1 IEA GO_REF:0000043 UniProt GO_REF:0000043 NCBI chr15:34,378,136...34,393,150
Ensembl chr15:34,378,148...34,392,066
JBrowse link
G Tgm3 transglutaminase 3 IEA GO_REF:0000043 UniProt GO_REF:0000043 NCBI chr 3:122,544,783...122,580,836
Ensembl chr 3:122,544,788...122,580,905
JBrowse link
cornification term browser
Symbol Object Name Evidence Notes Source PubMed Reference(s) RGD Reference(s) Position
G Casp14 caspase 14 IEA GO_REF:0000002 InterPro GO_REF:0000002 NCBI chr 7:13,938,376...13,944,286
Ensembl chr 7:13,938,302...13,945,130
JBrowse link
G Cers3 ceramide synthase 3 ISO (MGI:5303015|PMID:22038835) RGD PMID:22038835 MGI:5303015 NCBI chr 1:127,706,618...127,781,041
Ensembl chr 1:127,648,234...127,781,017
JBrowse link
G Cyp26b1 cytochrome P450, family 26, subfamily b, polypeptide 1 ISO MGI:3039046 (MGI:5466369|PMID:22366455) RGD PMID:22366455 MGI:5466369 NCBI chr 4:116,261,796...116,278,615
Ensembl chr 4:116,261,796...116,278,615
JBrowse link
G Tmem79 transmembrane protein 79 ISO MGI:1856947 (MGI:5519142|PMID:24084074) RGD PMID:24084074 MGI:5519142 NCBI chr 2:187,701,522...187,706,452
Ensembl chr 2:187,697,509...187,706,321
JBrowse link
negative regulation of cornification term browser
Symbol Object Name Evidence Notes Source PubMed Reference(s) RGD Reference(s) Position
G Cdsn corneodesmosin ISO (PMID:26014679) RGD PMID:26014679 NCBI chr20:3,704,626...3,707,266 JBrowse link

Term paths to the root
Path 1
Term Annotations click to browse term
  biological_process 20030
    multicellular organismal process 9045
      keratinization 39
        cornification + 5
Path 2
Term Annotations click to browse term
  biological_process 20030
    developmental process 6828
      anatomical structure development 6270
        multicellular organism development 5744
          system development 5280
            animal organ development 4033
              skin development 278
                keratinocyte differentiation 122
                  keratinization 39
                    cornification + 5
paths to the root