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Term:hydrolase activity
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Accession:GO:0016787 term browser browse the term
Definition:Catalysis of the hydrolysis of various bonds, e.g. C-O, C-N, C-C, phosphoric anhydride bonds, etc. Hydrolase is the systematic name for any enzyme of EC class 3.
Synonyms:xref: EC:3;   reactome:R-HSA-1236938 "Partial proteolysis of antigen in phagolysosomes";   reactome:R-HSA-2029475 "Production of AA by iPLA2 upon FCGR activation";   reactome:R-HSA-5694583 "ABHD4 hydrolyses NAPE";   reactome:R-HSA-5695964 "ABHD14B hydrolyses PNPB";   reactome:R-HSA-6786190 "CMBL hydrolyses OM to OLMS";   reactome:R-HSA-6788295 "HDHD1:Mg2+ dephosphorylates PURIDP";   reactome:R-HSA-8938314 "ENPPs hydrolyse CoA-SH to PPANT, PAP";   reactome:R-HSA-8952137 "Phospholipid phosphatase 6 hydrolyses Presqualene diphosphate to presqualene monophosphate"

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