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Term:programmed cell death
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Accession:GO:0012501 term browser browse the term
Definition:A process which begins when a cell receives an internal or external signal and activates a series of biochemical events (signaling pathway). The process ends with the death of the cell.
Comment:Note that this term should be used to annotate gene products in the organism undergoing the programmed cell death. To annotate genes in another organism whose products modulate programmed cell death in a host organism, consider the term 'modulation by symbiont of host programmed cell death ; GO:0052040'. Also, note that 'programmed cell death ; GO:0012501' should be used to refer to instances of caspase-independent cell death mechanisms, in the absence of further indications on the process taking place. At present, caspase-independent cell death is not yet represented in GO due to the lack of consensus and in-depth research on the topic. 'programmed cell death ; GO:0012501' may also be used to annotate gene products in taxa where apoptosis as defined in GO:0006915 does not occur, such as plants. You may also consider these specific children: GO:0097468 'programmed cell death in response to reactive oxygen species' (with descendants GO:0010421 'hydrogen peroxide-mediated programmed cell death' and GO:0010343 'singlet oxygen-mediated programmed cell death'), and GO:0009626 'plant-type hypersensitive response' and its children.
Synonyms:narrow_synonym: caspase-independent cell death;   non-apoptotic programmed cell death;   nonapoptotic programmed cell death
 related_synonym: PCD;   RCD;   caspase-independent apoptosis;   regulated cell death
 alt_id: GO:0016244
 xref: Wikipedia:Programmed_cell_death

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    Path 1
    Term Annotations click to browse term
      biological_process 28615
        cellular process 17655
          cell death 2261
            programmed cell death 2064
              apoptotic process + 2002
              autolysis 0
              autophagic cell death + 18
              cornification + 5
              ferroptosis + 2
              granzyme-mediated programmed cell death signaling pathway + 14
              mitochondrial outer membrane permeabilization involved in programmed cell death + 38
              modulation by symbiont of host programmed cell death + 6
              negative regulation by symbiont of host programmed cell death + 2
              negative regulation of programmed cell death + 1043
              positive regulation of programmed cell death + 639
              programmed cell death in response to reactive oxygen species + 18
              programmed cell death induced by symbiont + 1
              programmed cell death involved in cell development + 19
              programmed necrotic cell death + 49
              pyroptosis + 36
              regulation of programmed cell death + 1640
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