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Term:activation of adenylate cyclase activity
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Accession:GO:0007190 term browser browse the term
Definition:Any process that initiates the activity of the inactive enzyme adenylate cyclase.
Synonyms:exact_synonym: adenylate cyclase activation;   adenylyl cyclase activation
 related_synonym: adenylate cyclase activator

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activation of adenylate cyclase activity term browser
Symbol Object Name Qualifiers Evidence Notes Source PubMed Reference(s) RGD Reference(s) Position
G ACR acrosin involved_in IEA Ensembl GO_REF:0000107 NCBI chr10:16,607,514...16,615,399
Ensembl chr10:16,609,915...16,615,354
JBrowse link
G ADRB2 adrenoceptor beta 2 involved_in ISS HGNC-UCL GO_REF:0000024 NCBI chr 4:60,048,502...60,050,447
Ensembl chr 4:59,941,517...60,050,298
JBrowse link
G ADRB3 adrenoceptor beta 3 involved_in ISS HGNC-UCL GO_REF:0000024 NCBI chr16:27,445,601...27,446,796
Ensembl chr16:27,445,601...27,447,521
JBrowse link
G CALCR calcitonin receptor NOT|involved_in ISO (PMID:15563840) UniProt PMID:15563840 NCBI chr14:18,923,116...19,074,904
Ensembl chr14:18,923,116...19,074,904
JBrowse link
G CALM1 calmodulin 1 ISO RGD PMID:19305019 RGD:7241269 NCBI chr 8:61,398,231...61,408,874
Ensembl chr 8:61,398,244...61,406,195
JBrowse link
G CALM2 calmodulin 2 ISO RGD PMID:19305019 RGD:7241269 NCBI chr10:49,299,698...49,314,533
Ensembl chr10:49,299,897...49,314,457
JBrowse link
G CALM3 calmodulin 3 ISO RGD PMID:19305019 RGD:7241269 NCBI chr 1:109,284,729...109,294,491
Ensembl chr 1:109,286,155...109,294,391
JBrowse link
G CRSP-3 calcitonin receptor-stimulating peptide 3 involved_in
ISO (PMID:10822112), (PMID:16014619)
PMID:8582325 PMID:10822112 PMID:16014619 MGI:77881 NCBI chr21:37,676,841...37,680,643
Ensembl chr21:37,676,841...37,680,645
JBrowse link
G DRD1 dopamine receptor D1 involved_in
ISO (PMID:2168520)
PMID:2168520 PMID:12488442 MGI:2450485 NCBI chr 4:37,550,454...37,554,641
Ensembl chr 4:37,549,708...37,553,287
JBrowse link
G GHRHR growth hormone releasing hormone receptor ISO RGD PMID:9845677 RGD:1601338 NCBI chr14:43,626,862...43,638,737
Ensembl chr14:43,626,845...43,638,753
JBrowse link
G GNAL G protein subunit alpha L acts_upstream_of_or_within ISO (MGI:2450485|PMID:12488442) MGI PMID:12488442 MGI:2450485 NCBI chr 7:77,378,134...77,521,215
Ensembl chr 7:77,413,986...77,521,042
JBrowse link
G LHCGR luteinizing hormone/choriogonadotropin receptor involved_in ISO (MGI:5318037|PMID:10493819) RGD
PMID:8440169 PMID:10493819 MGI:5318037 RGD:2292602 NCBI chr10:50,540,706...50,594,336
Ensembl chr10:50,541,960...50,598,036
JBrowse link
G RAF1 Raf-1 proto-oncogene, serine/threonine kinase involved_in IEA Ensembl GO_REF:0000107 NCBI chr20:5,892,839...5,972,672
Ensembl chr20:5,892,834...5,972,090
JBrowse link
G RXFP2 relaxin family peptide receptor 2 involved_in IBA (PMID:21873635) GO_Central PMID:21873635 NCBI chr25:8,307,850...8,368,438
Ensembl chr25:8,307,850...8,368,834
JBrowse link
G VIPR2 vasoactive intestinal peptide receptor 2 ISO RGD PMID:8224221 RGD:70054 NCBI chr16:20,925,032...20,987,513
Ensembl chr16:20,927,991...20,987,785
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Term paths to the root
Path 1
Term Annotations click to browse term
  biological_process 13863
    biological regulation 10007
      regulation of molecular function 2436
        regulation of catalytic activity 1752
          activation of adenylate cyclase activity 15
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