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Term:rough endoplasmic reticulum
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Accession:GO:0005791 term browser browse the term
Definition:The rough (or granular) endoplasmic reticulum (ER) has ribosomes adhering to the outer surface; the ribosomes are the site of translation of the mRNA for those proteins which are either to be retained within the cisternae (ER-resident proteins), the proteins of the lysosomes, or the proteins destined for export from the cell. Glycoproteins undergo their initial glycosylation within the cisternae.
Synonyms:exact_synonym: RER;   rough ER
 xref: NIF_Subcellular:sao1881364067;   Wikipedia:Endoplasmic_reticulum#Rough_endoplasmic_reticulum

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rough endoplasmic reticulum term browser
Symbol Object Name Qualifiers Evidence Notes Source PubMed Reference(s) RGD Reference(s) Position
G Ache acetylcholinesterase (Cartwright blood group) ISO hepatocytes RGD PMID:2731551 RGD:2301205 NCBI chrNW_004936543:856,678...862,080 JBrowse link
G Adcyap1r1 ADCYAP receptor type I ISO RGD PMID:9464636 RGD:2315987 NCBI chrNW_004936478:7,278,081...7,322,970 JBrowse link
G App amyloid beta precursor protein ISO RGD PMID:8097074 RGD:10054252 NCBI chrNW_004936640:1,549,977...1,787,436 JBrowse link
G Aqp2 aquaporin 2 ISO RGD PMID:15905145 RGD:1581707 NCBI chrNW_004936512:7,628,677...7,633,344 JBrowse link
G Arsb arylsulfatase B ISO RGD PMID:7419898 RGD:1599233 NCBI chrNW_004936549:6,654,259...6,827,647 JBrowse link
G Baiap2 BAR/IMD domain containing adaptor protein 2 ISO RGD PMID:24639075 RGD:11576288 NCBI chrNW_004936594:4,797,068...4,863,409 JBrowse link
G Bglap bone gamma-carboxyglutamate protein ISO RGD PMID:3111671 RGD:2316179 NCBI chrNW_004936580:5,480,023...5,482,288 JBrowse link
G Ca4 carbonic anhydrase 4 ISO (PMID:17409381) DFLAT PMID:17409381 NCBI chrNW_004936490:1,764,845...1,773,752 JBrowse link
G Canx calnexin colocalizes_with ISO RGD PMID:1331857 RGD:2313162 NCBI chrNW_004936739:1,051,853...1,085,658 JBrowse link
G Ccdc47 coiled-coil domain containing 47 ISO (MGI:5605216|PMID:25009997) MGI PMID:25009997 MGI:5605216 NCBI chrNW_004936541:4,389,428...4,418,414 JBrowse link
G Cdkal1 CDK5 regulatory subunit associated protein 1 like 1 ISO (MGI:5297757|PMID:21841312) MGI PMID:21841312 MGI:5297757 NCBI chrNW_004936552:5,903,042...6,347,498 JBrowse link
G Cel carboxyl ester lipase ISO RGD PMID:9701565 RGD:2313571 NCBI chrNW_004936487:19,463,219...19,472,029 JBrowse link
G Ckap4 cytoskeleton associated protein 4 ISO (PMID:24454821) UniProtKB PMID:24454821 NCBI chrNW_004936492:8,635,275...8,638,696 JBrowse link
G Clock clock circadian regulator ISO RGD PMID:16208722 RGD:10401943 NCBI chrNW_004936482:17,789,834...17,900,371 JBrowse link
G Crhr2 corticotropin releasing hormone receptor 2 ISO RGD PMID:16820012 RGD:5131267 NCBI chrNW_004936478:6,901,098...6,947,719 JBrowse link
G Epha5 EPH receptor A5 ISO (PMID:10375373) UniProtKB PMID:10375373 NCBI chrNW_004936582:2,503,546...2,832,950 JBrowse link
G Fga fibrinogen alpha chain ISO RGD PMID:19954227 RGD:5688770 NCBI chrNW_004936576:1,322,406...1,329,743 JBrowse link
G Fkrp fukutin related protein ISO (PMID:15213246) UniProtKB PMID:15213246 NCBI chrNW_004936664:577,109...586,848 JBrowse link
G Fmr1 FMRP translational regulator 1 ISO RGD PMID:9030614 RGD:11041080 NCBI chrNW_004936513:1,290,038...1,327,850 JBrowse link
G Glul glutamate-ammonia ligase ISO RGD PMID:31966 PMID:1363168 RGD:2301551 RGD:2301552 NCBI chrNW_004936481:7,293,301...7,301,416 JBrowse link
G Grm7 glutamate metabotropic receptor 7 ISO RGD PMID:9300765 RGD:1643599 NCBI chrNW_004936602:5,111,406...5,488,506 JBrowse link
G Hgfac HGF activator ISO (MGI:2673754|PMID:12923239) MGI PMID:12923239 MGI:2673754 NCBI chrNW_004936477:20,291,791...20,298,764 JBrowse link
G Hm13 histocompatibility minor 13 ISO (PMID:15998642), (PMID:16829952) UniProtKB PMID:15998642 PMID:16829952 NCBI chrNW_004936485:18,539,873...18,583,605 JBrowse link
G Hsd11b1 hydroxysteroid 11-beta dehydrogenase 1 ISO RGD PMID:11250946 RGD:1625110 NCBI chrNW_004936557:3,358,809...3,403,461 JBrowse link
G Hspd1 heat shock protein family D (Hsp60) member 1 ISO RGD PMID:8675995 PMID:10806118 RGD:1625123 RGD:2298714 NCBI chrNW_004936506:1,678,069...1,687,632 JBrowse link
G Htr5a 5-hydroxytryptamine receptor 5A ISO RGD PMID:17394137 RGD:2316992 NCBI chrNW_004936527:9,534,723...9,547,235 JBrowse link
G Htr7 5-hydroxytryptamine receptor 7 ISO RGD PMID:16082681 RGD:6480682 NCBI chrNW_004936601:3,569,626...3,626,782 JBrowse link
G Kcnj2 potassium inwardly rectifying channel subfamily J member 2 ISO RGD PMID:18076085 RGD:7247433 NCBI chrNW_004936655:3,447,026...3,459,569 JBrowse link
G Lin28a lin-28 homolog A ISO (MGI:5795814|PMID:23102813) UniProt PMID:23102813 MGI:5795814 NCBI chrNW_004936474:10,896,153...10,909,247 JBrowse link
G LOC101966992 cytochrome b-245 heavy chain ISO RGD PMID:17027166 RGD:1599676 NCBI chrNW_004936502:4,631,750...4,676,686 JBrowse link
G Lrat lecithin retinol acyltransferase ISO RGD PMID:18544127 RGD:6893660 NCBI chrNW_004936576:1,491,480...1,498,568 JBrowse link
G Lrpap1 LDL receptor related protein associated protein 1 ISO RGD PMID:7522607 RGD:10412055 NCBI chrNW_004936477:20,234,582...20,250,756 JBrowse link
G Map2 microtubule associated protein 2 ISO RGD PMID:15623521 RGD:1625439 NCBI chrNW_004936845:475,406...752,600 JBrowse link
G Mpz myelin protein zero ISO RGD PMID:8789946 RGD:9685789 NCBI chrNW_004936903:583,942...589,160 JBrowse link
G Mt3 metallothionein 3 ISO RGD PMID:8911664 RGD:9685810 NCBI chrNW_004936475:8,864,512...8,866,516 JBrowse link
G Mttp microsomal triglyceride transfer protein ISO RGD PMID:11830580 RGD:1582567 NCBI chrNW_004936520:3,337,726...3,417,818 JBrowse link
G Myc MYC proto-oncogene, bHLH transcription factor ISO (PMID:18816594) UniProtKB PMID:18816594 NCBI chrNW_004936470:20,480,844...20,485,955 JBrowse link
G Ncf1 neutrophil cytosolic factor 1 ISO RGD PMID:17027166 RGD:1599676 NCBI chrNW_004936543:3,617,369...3,630,990 JBrowse link
G Ncoa2 nuclear receptor coactivator 2 ISO RGD PMID:15912503 RGD:2326122 NCBI chrNW_004936496:14,844,923...15,102,922 JBrowse link
G Ngfr nerve growth factor receptor ISO Purkinje cells following traumatic axotomy RGD PMID:9521535 RGD:5508789 NCBI chrNW_004936490:12,038,500...12,057,257 JBrowse link
G Ntrk2 neurotrophic receptor tyrosine kinase 2 ISO RGD PMID:16626872 RGD:8655644 NCBI chrNW_004936680:267,850...621,467 JBrowse link
G Nucb1 nucleobindin 1 ISO RGD PMID:15193541 RGD:9831129 NCBI chrNW_004936664:2,924,186...2,946,035 JBrowse link
G P2rx3 purinergic receptor P2X 3 ISO RGD PMID:9721930 RGD:1642677 NCBI chrNW_004936581:5,116,276...5,146,378 JBrowse link
G Pcsk1 proprotein convertase subtilisin/kexin type 1 ISO RGD PMID:9405499 RGD:2308915 NCBI chrNW_004936523:7,009,966...7,050,300 JBrowse link
G Pcsk9 proprotein convertase subtilisin/kexin type 9 ISO RGD PMID:16462892 RGD:1582517 NCBI chrNW_004936522:6,271,339...6,300,202 JBrowse link
G Pebp1 phosphatidylethanolamine binding protein 1 ISO RGD PMID:11428049 RGD:2302814 NCBI chrNW_004936668:2,316,661...2,323,015 JBrowse link
G Pkm pyruvate kinase M1/2 ISO (MGI:6331015|PMID:28575669) UniProt PMID:28575669 MGI:6331015 NCBI chrNW_004936471:31,589,322...31,617,891 JBrowse link
G Psen1 presenilin 1 ISO (PMID:9632714) UniProtKB PMID:9632714 NCBI chrNW_004936488:2,464,623...2,528,807 JBrowse link
G Ptgds prostaglandin D2 synthase ISO (PMID:9065498) UniProtKB PMID:9065498 NCBI chrNW_004936669:961,246...964,584 JBrowse link
G Rab14 RAB14, member RAS oncogene family ISO PMID:15004230 UniProt PMID:15004230 RGD:8554557 NCBI chrNW_004936487:9,675,517...9,699,469 JBrowse link
G Rangrf RAN guanine nucleotide release factor ISO (PMID:23420830) BHF-UCL PMID:23420830 NCBI chrNW_004936595:1,513,855...1,515,300 JBrowse link
G Rpl4 ribosomal protein L4 ISO (PMID:24454821) UniProtKB PMID:24454821 NCBI chrNW_004936471:26,635,838...26,641,877 JBrowse link
G Rpn1 ribophorin I ISO (MGI:5605216|PMID:25009997) RGD
PMID:15623521 PMID:25009997 MGI:5605216 RGD:1625439 NCBI chrNW_004936798:347,803...355,392 JBrowse link
G Rpn2 ribophorin II ISO RGD PMID:7673362 PMID:15623521 RGD:1625439 RGD:2325967 NCBI chrNW_004936561:3,960,979...4,020,792 JBrowse link
G Scgb1a1 secretoglobin family 1A member 1 ISO RGD PMID:8333547 RGD:5144115 NCBI chrNW_004936581:798,738...801,614 JBrowse link
G Sec61a1 SEC61 translocon subunit alpha 1 ISO RGD PMID:1423609 RGD:68306 NCBI chrNW_004936798:578,090...587,010 JBrowse link
G Sftpd surfactant protein D ISO RGD PMID:16187065 RGD:4143471 NCBI chrNW_004936716:60,754...73,010 JBrowse link
G Slc7a11 solute carrier family 7 member 11 ISO RGD PMID:17401668 RGD:2315030 NCBI chrNW_004936535:9,177,305...9,242,743 JBrowse link
G Snca synuclein alpha ISO RGD PMID:11810180 RGD:6218996 NCBI chrNW_004936685:2,077,017...2,175,298 JBrowse link
G Sppl3 signal peptide peptidase like 3 ISO (PMID:15998642) UniProtKB PMID:15998642 NCBI chrNW_004936668:193,753...229,859 JBrowse link
G Stx17 syntaxin 17 NOT ISO (PMID:10930465) UniProtKB PMID:10930465 NCBI chrNW_004936524:8,324,562...8,381,244 JBrowse link
G Suco SUN domain containing ossification factor ISO (MGI:4452525|PMID:20440000) UniProt PMID:20440000 MGI:4452525 NCBI chrNW_004936481:14,823,622...14,892,312 JBrowse link
G Tmcc1 transmembrane and coiled-coil domain family 1 ISO (PMID:24454821) UniProtKB PMID:24454821 NCBI chrNW_004936602:675,911...831,516 JBrowse link
G Tmem97 transmembrane protein 97 ISO (PMID:19583955) UniProtKB PMID:19583955 NCBI chrNW_004936538:4,475,314...4,484,385 JBrowse link
G Tp63 tumor protein p63 ISO RGD PMID:15623521 RGD:1625439 NCBI chrNW_004936578:492,267...705,282 JBrowse link
G Vdac3 voltage dependent anion channel 3 ISO RGD PMID:15623521 RGD:1625439 NCBI chrNW_004936785:294,890...308,245 JBrowse link
G Zc3h12a zinc finger CCCH-type containing 12A ISO (MGI:5706859|PMID:26000482), (MGI:5751631|PMID:26255671) UniProt PMID:26000482 PMID:26255671 MGI:5706859 MGI:5751631 NCBI chrNW_004936474:19,714,145...19,722,512 JBrowse link
cytoplasmic side of rough endoplasmic reticulum membrane term browser
Symbol Object Name Qualifiers Evidence Notes Source PubMed Reference(s) RGD Reference(s) Position
G Epm2a EPM2A glucan phosphatase, laforin ISO (PMID:11001928) UniProtKB PMID:11001928 NCBI chrNW_004936625:761,013...819,826 JBrowse link
G Gnrh1 gonadotropin releasing hormone 1 ISO gonadotropin-releasing hormone-associated peptide RGD PMID:2183089 RGD:9685146 NCBI chrNW_004936757:1,282,185...1,285,804 JBrowse link
G Mgat2 alpha-1,6-mannosyl-glycoprotein 2-beta-N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase ISO (PMID:24930395) UniProt PMID:24930395 NCBI chrNW_004936583:396,787...399,697 JBrowse link
G Rpl10 ribosomal protein L10 ISO (PMID:24930395) UniProt PMID:24930395 NCBI chrNW_004936809:1,146,994...1,149,573 JBrowse link
G Rpl11 ribosomal protein L11 ISO (PMID:24930395) UniProt PMID:24930395 NCBI chrNW_004936474:8,855,782...8,858,287 JBrowse link
G Rpl22 ribosomal protein L22 ISO (PMID:24930395) UniProt PMID:24930395 NCBI chrNW_004936623:1,052,197...1,059,529 JBrowse link
G Rpl23 ribosomal protein L23 ISO (PMID:24930395) UniProt PMID:24930395 NCBI chrNW_004936490:14,240,635...14,245,194 JBrowse link
G Rpl27 ribosomal protein L27 ISO (PMID:24930395) UniProt PMID:24930395 NCBI chrNW_004936490:17,696,911...17,699,844 JBrowse link
G Rpl29 ribosomal protein L29 ISO (PMID:24930395) UniProt PMID:24930395 NCBI chrNW_004936529:3,337,056...3,339,683 JBrowse link
G Rpl31 ribosomal protein L31 ISO (PMID:24930395) UniProt PMID:24930395 NCBI chrNW_004936661:86,834...91,309 JBrowse link
G Rpl32 ribosomal protein L32 ISO (PMID:24930395) UniProt PMID:24930395 NCBI chrNW_004936602:982,633...986,458 JBrowse link
G Rpl35 ribosomal protein L35 ISO (PMID:24930395) UniProt PMID:24930395 NCBI chrNW_004936487:13,056,243...13,060,900 JBrowse link
G Rps17 ribosomal protein S17 ISO (PMID:24930395) UniProt PMID:24930395 NCBI chrNW_004936483:17,211,129...17,214,509 JBrowse link
G Rps18 ribosomal protein S18 ISO (PMID:24930395) UniProt PMID:24930395 NCBI chrNW_004936476:25,589,769...25,594,467 JBrowse link
G Rps21 ribosomal protein S21 ISO (PMID:24930395) UniProt PMID:24930395 NCBI chrNW_004936514:9,975,647...9,996,492 JBrowse link
G Rps23 ribosomal protein S23 ISO (PMID:24930395) UniProt PMID:24930395 NCBI chrNW_004936469:1,523,667...1,525,830 JBrowse link
G Rps28 ribosomal protein S28 ISO (PMID:24930395) UniProt PMID:24930395 NCBI chrNW_004936588:5,154,614...5,155,522 JBrowse link
G Rps29 ribosomal protein S29 ISO (PMID:24930395) UniProt PMID:24930395 NCBI chrNW_004936583:426,476...428,008 JBrowse link
G Rps3 ribosomal protein S3 ISO (PMID:24930395) UniProt PMID:24930395 NCBI chrNW_004936498:4,198,189...4,204,531 JBrowse link
G Rpsa ribosomal protein SA ISO (PMID:24930395) UniProt PMID:24930395 NCBI chrNW_004936473:28,624,110...28,628,488 JBrowse link
rough endoplasmic reticulum lumen term browser
Symbol Object Name Qualifiers Evidence Notes Source PubMed Reference(s) RGD Reference(s) Position
G Ache acetylcholinesterase (Cartwright blood group) ISO RGD PMID:4413686 RGD:11560526 NCBI chrNW_004936543:856,678...862,080 JBrowse link
G Edn1 endothelin 1 ISO RGD PMID:10903535 RGD:8662311 NCBI chrNW_004936534:885,489...892,292 JBrowse link
G Lrpap1 LDL receptor related protein associated protein 1 ISO (PMID:7774585) UniProtKB
PMID:7774585 PMID:8223699 RGD:1641935 NCBI chrNW_004936477:20,234,582...20,250,756 JBrowse link
G Lyz lysozyme ISO RGD PMID:9208328 RGD:1599861 NCBI chrNW_004936545:7,165,917...7,170,840 JBrowse link
G Resp18 regulated endocrine specific protein 18 ISO RGD PMID:8132649 RGD:69957 NCBI chrNW_004936569:1,731,756...1,737,679 JBrowse link
G Vtn vitronectin ISO RGD PMID:10192552 RGD:10003091 NCBI chrNW_004936538:4,522,275...4,525,245 JBrowse link
rough endoplasmic reticulum membrane term browser
Symbol Object Name Qualifiers Evidence Notes Source PubMed Reference(s) RGD Reference(s) Position
G Aldob aldolase, fructose-bisphosphate B ISO RGD PMID:234468 RGD:2313431 NCBI chrNW_004936524:9,584,302...9,592,961 JBrowse link
G Maco1 macoilin 1 ISO (PMID:21589894) UniProtKB PMID:21589894 NCBI chrNW_004936474:10,105,870...10,155,029 JBrowse link
G Rho rhodopsin ISO RGD PMID:2525480 RGD:6893558 NCBI chrNW_004936602:896,730...901,480 JBrowse link
G Uba1 ubiquitin like modifier activating enzyme 1 colocalizes_with ISO (PMID:1376922) UniProtKB PMID:1376922 NCBI chrNW_004936502:12,961,236...12,984,235 JBrowse link
Sec61 translocon complex term browser
Symbol Object Name Qualifiers Evidence Notes Source PubMed Reference(s) RGD Reference(s) Position
G Arl6ip1 ADP ribosylation factor like GTPase 6 interacting protein 1 ISO (MGI:1858942|PMID:10508919) MGI PMID:10508919 MGI:1858942 NCBI chrNW_004936501:4,648,699...4,670,786 JBrowse link
G Ssr4 signal sequence receptor subunit 4 ISO RGD PMID:7916687 RGD:61758 NCBI chrNW_004936809:675,178...679,245 JBrowse link
signal recognition particle receptor complex term browser
Symbol Object Name Qualifiers Evidence Notes Source PubMed Reference(s) RGD Reference(s) Position
G Derl1 derlin 1 colocalizes_with ISO (PMID:26565908) UniProtKB PMID:26565908 NCBI chrNW_004936470:24,262,401...24,286,713 JBrowse link
G Derl2 derlin 2 colocalizes_with ISO (PMID:26565908) UniProtKB PMID:26565908 NCBI chrNW_004936677:2,328,783...2,342,068 JBrowse link
G Derl3 derlin 3 colocalizes_with ISO (PMID:26565908) UniProtKB PMID:26565908 NCBI chrNW_004936619:1,271,980...1,275,212 JBrowse link
G Rp9 RP9 pre-mRNA splicing factor colocalizes_with ISO (MGI:3688359|PMID:15652350) UniProt PMID:15652350 MGI:3688359 NCBI chrNW_004936478:8,687,584...8,722,345 JBrowse link

Term paths to the root
Path 1
Term Annotations click to browse term
  cellular_component 12106
    cellular anatomical entity 11959
      endomembrane system 2960
        endoplasmic reticulum 1211
          rough endoplasmic reticulum 101
            rough endoplasmic reticulum lumen 6
            rough endoplasmic reticulum membrane + 30
Path 2
Term Annotations click to browse term
  cellular_component 12106
    cellular anatomical entity 11959
      organelle 9371
        membrane-bounded organelle 8294
          intracellular membrane-bounded organelle 7684
            endoplasmic reticulum 1211
              rough endoplasmic reticulum 101
                rough endoplasmic reticulum lumen 6
                rough endoplasmic reticulum membrane + 30
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