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Term:G protein-coupled receptor activity
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Accession:GO:0004930 term browser browse the term
Definition:Combining with an extracellular signal and transmitting the signal across the membrane by activating an associated G-protein; promotes the exchange of GDP for GTP on the alpha subunit of a heterotrimeric G-protein complex.
Synonyms:exact_synonym: G protein linked receptor activity;   GPCR activity;   ligand-dependent GPCR activity
 narrow_synonym: EBV-induced receptor;   Epstein-Barr Virus-induced receptor activity;   G-protein coupled receptor activity, unknown ligand;   Mas proto-oncogene receptor activity;   RDC1 receptor activity;   SREB receptor;   orphan G protein coupled receptor activity;   orphan GPCR activity;   super conserved receptor expressed in brain receptor activity
 alt_id: GO:0001622;   GO:0001623;   GO:0001624;   GO:0001625;   GO:0016526
 xref: Wikipedia:GPCR;   reactome:R-HSA-114552 "G12/13 activation by PAR";   reactome:R-HSA-114558 "Gq activation by PAR";   reactome:R-HSA-167408 "The high affinity receptor complex binds to G-protein"

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Term paths to the root
Path 1
Term Annotations click to browse term
  molecular_function 20467
    molecular transducer activity 2658
      signaling receptor activity 2658
        transmembrane signaling receptor activity 2499
          G protein-coupled receptor activity 2033
            G protein-coupled GABA receptor activity 3
            G protein-coupled adenosine receptor activity 6
            G protein-coupled amine receptor activity + 69
            G protein-coupled bile acid receptor activity 1
            G protein-coupled cytokinin receptor activity 0
            G protein-coupled estrogen receptor activity 0
            G protein-coupled folate receptor activity 0
            G protein-coupled glucose receptor activity 0
            G protein-coupled glutamate receptor activity + 13
            G protein-coupled neurotransmitter receptor activity + 10
            G protein-coupled nucleotide receptor activity 0
            G protein-coupled olfactory receptor activity 0
            G protein-coupled peptide receptor activity + 151
            G protein-coupled photoreceptor activity 9
            G protein-coupled purinergic nucleotide receptor activity + 13
            G protein-coupled pyrimidinergic nucleotide receptor activity + 3
            G protein-coupled receptor activity involved in regulation of postsynaptic membrane potential + 4
            GPCR taste receptor activity + 0
            bioactive lipid receptor activity + 16
            cannabinoid receptor activity 3
            choriogonadotropin hormone receptor activity 1
            corticotrophin-releasing factor receptor activity 2
            ecdysis-triggering hormone receptor activity 0
            gastric inhibitory peptide receptor activity 1
            gonadotropin-releasing hormone receptor activity 3
            growth hormone secretagogue receptor activity 1
            growth hormone-releasing hormone receptor activity 3
            icosanoid receptor activity + 16
            luteinizing hormone receptor activity 1
            mast cell secretagogue receptor activity 1
            melanin-concentrating hormone receptor activity 1
            melatonin receptor activity 4
            nicotinic acid receptor activity 1
            parathyroid hormone receptor activity 2
            pheromone receptor activity + 103
            pituitary adenylate cyclase-activating polypeptide receptor activity 0
            platelet activating factor receptor activity 1
            prosaposin receptor activity 2
            secretin receptor activity 1
            thyroid-stimulating hormone receptor activity 2
            thyrotropin-releasing hormone receptor activity 2
            vasoactive intestinal polypeptide receptor activity 4
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