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RGD uses the Human Disease Ontology (DO, for disease curation across species. RGD automatically downloads each new release of the ontology on a monthly basis. Some additional terms which are required for RGD's curation purposes but are not currently covered in the official version of DO have been added. As corresponding terms are added to DO, these custom terms are retired and the DO terms substituted in existing annotations and subsequently used for curation.

Term:Soft Tissue Infections
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Accession:DOID:9004165 term browser browse the term
Definition:Infections of non-skeletal tissue, i.e., exclusive of bone, ligaments, cartilage, and fibrous tissue. The concept is usually referred to as skin and soft tissue infections and usually subcutaneous and muscle tissue are involved. The predisposing factors in anaerobic infections are trauma, ischemia, and surgery. The organisms often derive from the fecal or oral flora, particularly in wounds associated with intestinal surgery, decubitus ulcer, and human bites. (From Cecil Textbook of Medicine, 19th ed, p1688)
Synonyms:exact_synonym: Soft Tissue Infection
 primary_id: MESH:D018461;   RDO:0007207

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necrotizing soft tissue infection term browser
Symbol Object Name Qualifiers Evidence Notes Source PubMed Reference(s) RGD Reference(s) Position
G PTX3 pentraxin 3 severity ISO protein:decreased expression:plasma (human) RGD PMID:26880104 RGD:38508899 NCBI chr 3:154,485,470...154,492,293
Ensembl chr 3:162,537,577...162,543,652
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Path 1
Term Annotations click to browse term
  disease 17996
    disease by infectious agent 2104
      Bacterial Infections and Mycoses 1011
        Soft Tissue Infections 1
          necrotizing soft tissue infection 1
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