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RGD uses the Human Disease Ontology (DO, for disease curation across species. RGD automatically downloads each new release of the ontology on a monthly basis. Some additional terms which are required for RGD's curation purposes but are not currently covered in the official version of DO have been added. As corresponding terms are added to DO, these custom terms are retired and the DO terms substituted in existing annotations and subsequently used for curation.

Term:Peritoneal Fibrosis
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Accession:DOID:9002488 term browser browse the term
Definition:Disorder characterized by a wide range of structural changes in PERITONEUM, resulting from fibrogenic or inflammatory processes. Peritoneal fibrosis is a common complication in patients receiving PERITONEAL DIALYSIS and contributes to its gradual decrease in efficiency.
Synonyms:exact_synonym: Encapsulating Peritoneal Scleroses;   Encapsulating Peritoneal Sclerosis;   Peritoneal Fibroses;   Peritoneal Fibrosing Syndrome;   Peritoneal Fibrosing Syndromes;   Peritoneal Scleroses;   Peritoneal Sclerosis
 primary_id: MESH:D056627;   RDO:0007745
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Peritoneal Fibrosis term browser
Symbol Object Name Qualifiers Evidence Notes Source PubMed Reference(s) RGD Reference(s) Position
G Ace angiotensin I converting enzyme treatment IMP
RGD PMID:15770604, PMID:19270231 RGD:12879430, RGD:12879821 NCBI chr10:94,170,766...94,213,831
Ensembl chr10:94,170,766...94,187,822
JBrowse link
G Ager advanced glycosylation end product-specific receptor treatment IDA associated with Diabetic Nephropathies RGD PMID:19759273 RGD:7244162 NCBI chr20:4,363,152...4,366,079
Ensembl chr20:4,363,152...4,366,079
JBrowse link
G Ccl2 C-C motif chemokine ligand 2 treatment ISO RGD PMID:23032084 RGD:14995948 NCBI chr10:69,412,065...69,413,863
Ensembl chr10:69,412,017...69,413,870
JBrowse link
G Dnmt1 DNA methyltransferase 1 IEP protein:increased expression:peritoneum: RGD PMID:25256793 RGD:9588609 NCBI chr 8:21,922,515...21,968,495
Ensembl chr 8:21,922,515...21,968,495
JBrowse link
G Ern1 endoplasmic reticulum to nucleus signaling 1 treatment IMP RGD PMID:31836774 RGD:32733624 NCBI chr10:94,588,555...94,682,072
Ensembl chr10:94,588,555...94,681,914
JBrowse link
G F10 coagulation factor X IEP RGD PMID:19458308 RGD:7394780 NCBI chr16:81,803,169...81,822,476
Ensembl chr16:81,803,110...81,822,716
JBrowse link
G F3 coagulation factor III, tissue factor IEP RGD PMID:19458308 RGD:7394780 NCBI chr 2:225,310,686...225,322,281
Ensembl chr 2:225,310,624...225,322,272
JBrowse link
G F5 coagulation factor V IEP RGD PMID:19458308 RGD:7394780 NCBI chr13:82,479,997...82,535,540
Ensembl chr13:82,479,998...82,535,534
JBrowse link
G Mir21 microRNA 21 IEP RNA:increased expression:peritoneal fluid,tissue RGD PMID:30515805 RGD:40925948 NCBI chr10:73,902,210...73,902,301
Ensembl chr10:73,902,210...73,902,301
JBrowse link
G Pecam1 platelet and endothelial cell adhesion molecule 1 ISO RGD PMID:22101032 RGD:6771356 NCBI chr10:94,850,971...94,913,202 JBrowse link
G Serpinc1 serpin family C member 1 treatment ISO associated with Peritonitis RGD PMID:18458955 RGD:11035266 NCBI chr13:78,806,107...78,820,375
Ensembl chr13:78,805,347...78,833,192
JBrowse link
G Serpine1 serpin family E member 1 ISO protein:increased expression:peritoneal fluid: RGD PMID:25530106 RGD:13208550 NCBI chr12:22,641,104...22,651,482
Ensembl chr12:22,641,104...22,651,482
JBrowse link
G Serpinh1 serpin family H member 1 disease_progression
protein:increased expression:peritoneum (rat) RGD PMID:12691502, PMID:32585450, PMID:15458466, PMID:12911538 RGD:41410779, RGD:41410783, RGD:41410782, RGD:41410781 NCBI chr 1:164,301,010...164,308,306
Ensembl chr 1:164,301,010...164,308,317
JBrowse link
G Spry1 sprouty RTK signaling antagonist 1 IEP mRNA, protein:decreased expression:peritoneal fluid,tissue RGD PMID:30515805 RGD:40925948 NCBI chr 2:124,400,689...124,405,331
Ensembl chr 2:124,400,679...124,405,331
JBrowse link
G Tgfb1 transforming growth factor, beta 1 treatment ISO
CTD Direct Evidence: marker/mechanism CTD PMID:17199790, PMID:28190234 RGD:14985233 NCBI chr 1:82,480,875...82,497,196
Ensembl chr 1:82,480,195...82,497,199
JBrowse link
G Tnfaip6 TNF alpha induced protein 6 treatment IMP RGD PMID:22912904 RGD:7777188 NCBI chr 3:37,545,238...37,564,704
Ensembl chr 3:37,545,238...37,564,699
JBrowse link
G Xbp1 X-box binding protein 1 treatment IEP RGD PMID:31836774 RGD:32733624 NCBI chr14:85,753,736...85,758,820
Ensembl chr14:85,753,760...85,758,145
JBrowse link

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Path 1
Term Annotations click to browse term
  disease 16123
    disease of anatomical entity 15370
      gastrointestinal system disease 4690
        Peritoneal Diseases 68
          Peritoneal Fibrosis 17
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