Term:blood measurement
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Accession:CMO:0000035 term browser browse the term
Definition:A measurement of the blood, it's contents, cells or other factors contained within the blood.

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Symbol Object Name JBrowse Chr Start Stop Reference
G Nr4a1 nuclear receptor subfamily 4, group A, member 1 JBrowse link 7 142,899,358 142,920,216 RGD:12910103

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Path 1
Term Annotations click to browse term
  clinical measurement 2370
    blood measurement 441
      blood carboxyhemoglobin level + 0
      blood cell measurement + 13
      blood chemistry measurement + 428
      blood coagulation measurement + 0
      blood gas measurement + 0
      blood pH + 0
      blood viscoelasticity 0
      blood viscosity measurement + 0
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