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Term:cholesteryl palmitate
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Accession:CHEBI:3663 term browser browse the term
Definition:A cholesterol ester obtained by the formal condensation of cholesterol with palmitic acid.
Synonyms:exact_synonym: (3beta)-cholest-5-en-3-yl hexadecanoate
 related_synonym: (3beta)-cholest-5-en-3-ol hexadecanoate;   16:0 Cholesterol ester;   CE;   CE(16:0);   Formula=C43H76O2;   Hexadecanoic acid cholesteryl ester;   InChI=1S/C43H76O2/c1-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15-16-17-18-19-23-41(44)45-36-28-30-42(5)35(32-36)24-25-37-39-27-26-38(34(4)22-20-21-33(2)3)43(39,6)31-29-40(37)42/h24,33-34,36-40H,7-23,25-32H2,1-6H3/t34-,36+,37+,38-,39+,40+,42+,43-/m1/s1;   InChIKey=BBJQPKLGPMQWBU-JADYGXMDSA-N;   Palmitic acid cholesteryl ester;   SMILES=[H][C@@]1(CC[C@@]2([H])[C@]3([H])CC=C4C[C@H](CC[C@]4(C)[C@@]3([H])CC[C@]12C)OC(=O)CCCCCCCCCCCCCCC)[C@H](C)CCCC(C)C;   cholesterol palmitate;   cholesteryl hexadecanoate
 alt_id: CHEBI:84319
 xref: Beilstein:2342867 "Beilstein";   CAS:601-34-3 "ChemIDplus";   CAS:601-34-3 "KEGG COMPOUND";   CAS:601-34-3 "NIST Chemistry WebBook";   HMDB:HMDB0000885;   KEGG:C11251;   LIPID_MAPS_instance:LMST01020005 "LIPID MAPS"
 xref_mesh: MESH:C026651
 xref: PMID:26884207 "Europe PMC";   PMID:3605272 "Europe PMC";   PMID:3734635 "Europe PMC";   PMID:4147522 "Europe PMC";   PMID:7190843 "Europe PMC";   Reaxys:2342867 "Reaxys"

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cholesteryl palmitate term browser
Symbol Object Name JBrowse Chr Start Stop Reference
G Lipc lipase C, hepatic type JBrowse link 8 77,272,582 77,398,485 RGD:6480464
G Lipg lipase G, endothelial type JBrowse link 18 70,903,528 70,924,434 RGD:6480464

Term paths to the root
Path 1
Term Annotations click to browse term
  CHEBI ontology 19679
    role 19623
      biological role 19621
        biochemical role 19147
          metabolite 19115
            eukaryotic metabolite 18757
              plant metabolite 17055
                hexadecanoic acid 499
                  cholesteryl palmitate 2
Path 2
Term Annotations click to browse term
  CHEBI ontology 19679
    subatomic particle 19675
      composite particle 19675
        hadron 19675
          baryon 19675
            nucleon 19675
              atomic nucleus 19675
                atom 19675
                  main group element atom 19555
                    p-block element atom 19555
                      carbon group element atom 19438
                        carbon atom 19430
                          organic molecular entity 19430
                            organic group 18351
                              organic divalent group 18340
                                organodiyl group 18340
                                  carbonyl group 18225
                                    carbonyl compound 18225
                                      carboxylic acid 17930
                                        monocarboxylic acid 17259
                                          fatty acid 15815
                                            saturated fatty acid 15783
                                              straight-chain saturated fatty acid 15181
                                                hexadecanoic acid 499
                                                  cholesteryl palmitate 2
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