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The Chemical Entities of Biological Interest (ChEBI) ontology is downloaded weekly from EMBL-EBI at The data is made available under the Creative Commons License (CC BY 3.0, For more information see: Degtyarenko et al. (2008) ChEBI: a database and ontology for chemical entities of biological interest. Nucleic Acids Res. 36, D344–D350.

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Accession:CHEBI:28445 term browser browse the term
Definition:A vinca alkaloid with formula C46H56N4O10 found in the Madagascar periwinkle, Catharanthus roseus. It is used (commonly as the corresponding sulfate salt)as a chemotherapy drug for the treatment of leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma, breast cancer and head and neck cancer.
Synonyms:related_synonym: 22-Oxovincaleukoblastine;   22-oxo-vincaleukoblastine;   Formula=C46H56N4O10;   InChI=1S/C46H56N4O10/c1-7-42(55)22-28-23-45(40(53)58-5,36-30(14-18-48(24-28)25-42)29-12-9-10-13-33(29)47-36)32-20-31-34(21-35(32)57-4)50(26-51)38-44(31)16-19-49-17-11-15-43(8-2,37(44)49)39(60-27(3)52)46(38,56)41(54)59-6/h9-13,15,20-21,26,28,37-39,47,55-56H,7-8,14,16-19,22-25H2,1-6H3/t28-,37+,38-,39-,42+,43-,44-,45+,46+/m1/s1;   InChIKey=OGWKCGZFUXNPDA-XQKSVPLYSA-N;   SMILES=[H][C@@]12N3CC[C@@]11c4cc(c(OC)cc4N(C=O)[C@@]1([H])[C@](O)([C@H](OC(C)=O)[C@]2(CC)C=CC3)C(=O)OC)[C@]1(C[C@@H]2C[N@](CCc3c1[nH]c1ccccc31)C[C@](O)(CC)C2)C(=O)OC;   leucristine;   leurocristine;   oncovin;   vincristin;   vinkristin
 alt_id: CHEBI:27289;   CHEBI:9987
 xref: Beilstein:4779289;   CAS:57-22-7;   DrugBank:DB00541;   Drug_Central:2825;   HMDB:HMDB0014681;   KEGG:C07204;   KEGG:D08679;   KNApSAcK:C00001783
 xref_mesh: MESH:D014750
 xref: MetaCyc:CPD-19894;   PMID:18520608;   PMID:30277559;   PMID:30429697;   PMID:30599272;   PMID:30604513;   PMID:30657998;   PMID:31048222;   PMID:31161774;   PMID:31214762;   PMID:31296986;   Wikipedia:Vincristine
 cyclic_relationship: is_conjugate_base_of CHEBI:143658

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Term paths to the root
Path 1
Term Annotations click to browse term
  CHEBI ontology 880
    role 860
      application 497
        pharmaceutical 436
          drug 436
            vincristine 0
Path 2
Term Annotations click to browse term
  CHEBI ontology 880
    subatomic particle 865
      composite particle 865
        hadron 865
          baryon 865
            nucleon 865
              atomic nucleus 865
                atom 865
                  main group element atom 855
                    p-block element atom 852
                      carbon group element atom 828
                        carbon atom 827
                          organic molecular entity 827
                            organic group 392
                              organic divalent group 390
                                organodiyl group 390
                                  carbonyl group 389
                                    carbonyl compound 389
                                      carboxylic acid 267
                                        carboacyl group 166
                                          univalent carboacyl group 166
                                            carbamoyl group 163
                                              carboxamide 163
                                                formamides 4
                                                  vincristine 0
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