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The Chemical Entities of Biological Interest (ChEBI) ontology is downloaded weekly from EMBL-EBI at The data is made available under the Creative Commons License (CC BY 3.0, For more information see: Degtyarenko et al. (2008) ChEBI: a database and ontology for chemical entities of biological interest. Nucleic Acids Res. 36, D344–D350.

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Accession:CHEBI:140503 term browser browse the term
Definition:An aluminosilicate soft white mineral named after the hill in China (Kao-ling) from which it was mined for centuries. In its natural state kaolin is a white, soft powder consisting principally of the mineral kaolinite, and varying amounts of other minerals such as muscovite, quartz, feldspar, and anatase. It is used in the manufacture of china and porcelain and also widely used in the production of paper, rubber, paint, drying agents, and many other products.
Synonyms:related_synonym: Bolus alba;   China clay;   Formula=Al2H4O9Si2;   InChI=1S/2Al.O5Si2.2H2O.2O/c;;1-6(2)5-7(3)4;;;;/h;;;2*1H2;;/q2*+1;-2;;;;;   InChIKey=NLYAJNPCOHFWQQ-UHFFFAOYSA-N;   SMILES=[Al](O[Si](O[Si](O[Al]=O)=O)=O)=O.O.O;   argilla;   porcelain clay;   white bole
 xref: CAS:1332-58-7;   DrugBank:DB01575;   KEGG:D03244
 xref_mesh: MESH:D007616
 xref: PMID:32322315;   PPDB:1306;   Reaxys:11323021;   VSDB:1306

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kaolin term browser
Symbol Object Name Qualifiers Evidence Notes Source PubMed Reference(s) RGD Reference(s) Position
G F11 coagulation factor XI decreases activity ISO Kaolin results in decreased activity of F11 protein CTD PMID:6604052 NCBI chr16:46,987,988...47,009,015
Ensembl chr16:46,986,107...47,008,437
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G F12 coagulation factor XII increases activity ISO Kaolin results in increased activity of F12 protein CTD PMID:6343536 NCBI chr17:9,207,683...9,215,530
Ensembl chr17:9,207,683...9,215,530
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Term paths to the root
Path 1
Term Annotations click to browse term
  CHEBI ontology 19811
    chemical entity 19840
      chemical substance 14383
        mixture 13700
          kaolin 2
Path 2
Term Annotations click to browse term
  CHEBI ontology 19811
    chemical entity 19840
      chemical substance 14383
        mineral 4291
          silicate mineral 3766
            aluminosilicate mineral 7
              kaolinite 2
                kaolin 2
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