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The Chemical Entities of Biological Interest (ChEBI) ontology is downloaded weekly from EMBL-EBI at The data is made available under the Creative Commons License (CC BY 3.0, For more information see: Degtyarenko et al. (2008) ChEBI: a database and ontology for chemical entities of biological interest. Nucleic Acids Res. 36, D344–D350.

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Accession:CHEBI:131825 term browser browse the term
Definition:An organic heterotetracyclic compound obtained by intramolecular formation of a C-C bond between positions 8 and 5' of 2'-deoxyadenosine.
Synonyms:exact_synonym: (6R,7S,8S,10R)-4-amino-7,8,9,10-tetrahydro-6H-7,10-epoxyazepino[1,2-e]purine-6,8-diol
 related_synonym: 2'-Deoxy-8,5'-cycloadenosine;   8,5'-Cda;   Formula=C10H11N5O3;   InChI=1S/C10H11N5O3/c11-8-5-9(13-2-12-8)15-4-1-3(16)7(18-4)6(17)10(15)14-5/h2-4,6-7,16-17H,1H2,(H2,11,12,13)/t3-,4+,6-,7-/m0/s1;   InChIKey=MBVGIEDXZGVICG-FXZMZVCPSA-N;   SMILES=[C@H]12N3C=4N=CN=C(C4N=C3[C@H]([C@]([C@H](C1)O)(O2)[H])O)N;   cyclo-dA;   cyclodA
 xref: CAS:117182-88-4
 xref_mesh: MESH:C056752
 xref: PMID:22817898;   PMID:23961697;   PMID:24471831;   PMID:25034731;   PMID:25605892;   PMID:26344223;   Reaxys:8118367

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8,5'-cyclo-2'-deoxyadenosine term browser
Symbol Object Name Qualifiers Evidence Notes Source PubMed Reference(s) RGD Reference(s) Position
G Neil1 nei-like DNA glycosylase 1 affects metabolic processing ISO NEIL1 protein affects the metabolism of 8,5'-cyclo-2'-deoxyadenosine CTD PMID:20067321 NCBI chr 8:61,817,258...61,824,023
Ensembl chr 8:61,817,258...61,823,102
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Term paths to the root
Path 1
Term Annotations click to browse term
  CHEBI ontology 19785
    role 19732
      application 19391
        refrigerant 17418
          ammonia 16939
            organic amino compound 16938
              aromatic amine 13616
                8,5'-cyclo-2'-deoxyadenosine 1
Path 2
Term Annotations click to browse term
  CHEBI ontology 19785
    subatomic particle 19782
      composite particle 19782
        hadron 19782
          baryon 19782
            nucleon 19782
              atomic nucleus 19782
                atom 19782
                  main group element atom 19670
                    p-block element atom 19670
                      carbon group element atom 19572
                        carbon atom 19561
                          organic molecular entity 19561
                            heteroorganic entity 19147
                              organochalcogen compound 18855
                                organooxygen compound 18777
                                  carbohydrates and carbohydrate derivatives 12178
                                    carbohydrate 12178
                                      carbohydrate derivative 11802
                                        glycosyl compound 10846
                                          N-glycosyl compound 5334
                                            nucleoside 5194
                                              deoxyribonucleoside 2723
                                                2'-deoxyribonucleoside 2207
                                                  purine 2'-deoxyribonucleoside 32
                                                    purines 2'-deoxy-D-ribonucleoside 13
                                                      2'-deoxyadenosine 8
                                                        8,5'-cyclo-2'-deoxyadenosine 1
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