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Rnor_6.0 assembly
Notice: Minimum read depth is now defaulted to 8 and variants found in less than 15% of reads are excluded.
These defaults can be changed via the form below.
Additional options are not required. Leave form empty to include all variants in the defined region    
Variant Type
Limit to
Amino Acid Change
Polyphen Prediction
Call Statistics
Depth of Coverage Minimum Reads     Maximum Reads  
Total Alleles Read
Heterozygous 2 alleles called between 15% and 85% of reads
Homozygous Variant read in 100% of reads
Possibly Homozygous Variants read in 85% to 99% of reads
Exclude Low Read Percentage Variant read in less than 15% of reads
Additional Options
Show Differences Exclude Common Variants between strains
ACI/EurMcwi (MCW)