RGD has retired the MCW BioMart tool

Effective Friday, May 20th, 2011 the MCW BioMart tool was retired by RGD and the MCW Proteomics Center.  For mining rat data, we have found that the RatMIne tool is more user-friendly, more flexible and incorporates more types of data than BioMart.  In addition, RatMine includes analysis tools which BioMart simply doesn't have, giving RatMine users a single, intuitive interface for both obtaining and analyzing data.

For an overview of RatMine and how to use it, go to the RGD tutorial video, An Introduction to the RatMine Database, at http://rgd.mcw.edu/wg/home/rgd_rat_community_videos/an-introduction-to-the-ratmine-database2.  Alternatively, follow the "self-guided tour" of RatMine by clicking the "Take a tour" link at the top of any RatMine page.

To try out RatMine for yourself, go to http://ratmine.mcw.edu/ and get started with simplified data mining and analysis.