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RGD Interactive Pathway Suite Network Diagrams

  Gene Expression and Regulation Pathway Suite Network Network includes:

    Transcription and Transcription-Coupled Events Pathway Suite Suite includes:
      RNA polymerase I transcription pathway
      RNA polymerase II transcription pathway
      RNA polymerase III transcription pathway
      Spliceosomal pathway

    Epigenetic Regulation/Control – Chromatin Modification/Remodeling
    Pathway Suite Suite includes:
      Chromatin remodeling pathway
      DNA modification pathway
      Histone modification pathway

  Glucose Homeostasis Pathway Suite Network Network includes:

    Pathway Suite for the Metabolism of Glucose and Related Molecules Pathways
    Suite includes:
      Glycolysis pathway
      Pyruvate metabolic pathway
      Pentose phosphate pathway
      Hexosamine biosynthetic pathway
      Glycogen biosynthetic pathway
      Gluconeogenesis pathway
      Glycogen degradation pathway

RGD Interactive Pathway Suite Diagrams

  Calcium Homeostasis Pathway Suite Suite includes:
    Calcium transport pathway
    Calcium/calcium-mediated signaling pathway
    Calcium signaling pathway via the calcium-sensing receptor
    Parathyroid hormone signaling pathway
    Calcium/calmodulin dependent kinase 2 signaling pathway

RGD Interactive Pathway Diagrams

  Renal cell cancer pathway
  Renin-angiotensin cascade pathway
  Vasopressin signaling pathway via receptor type 2

National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK)
       National Kidney and Urologic Diseases Information Clearinghouse (NKUDIC)

National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI)
       NHLBI:  Hypertension
       NHLBI:  Research Resources
       NHLBI:  Genetics and Genomics Programs
       NHLBI:  Funding Opportunities
       NHLBI:  Research Training and Career Development

The National Institutes of Health Link page for Kidney Diseases

U. S. National Library of Medicine Genetic Home Reference
    Health Conditions A-Z
    Kidneys & urinary system A-Z

National Organization for Rare Diseases
    Rare Disease Information A-Z

National Kidney Foundation

MedlinePlus:  Kidney Diseases

Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man (OMIM)
       OMIM:  Renal Cell Carcinoma
       OMIM:  Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis
       OMIM:  Polycystic Kidney Disease
           PKD1           PKD2
           PKD3           ARPKD
       OMIM:  Nephrolithiasis
           NPHLOP1     NPHLOP2
           Uric Acid      Calcium Oxalate
       OMIM:  Interstitial Nephritis
       OMIM:  Progressive Tubulointerstitial Nephropathy
       OMIM:  Search results for "Kidney Disease"

The Kidney Development Database

Duke O'Brien Center for Kidney Research Renal Genomics Core

The Cancer Imaging Archive: The Cancer Genome Atlas - Kidney renal clear cell carcinoma (TCGA-KIRC)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
       CDC: Chronic Kidney Disease Initiative

Genes and Disease
       Genes and Disease:  Alport Syndrome
       Genes and Disease:  Lesch-Nyhan Syndrome
       Genes and Disease:  Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia
       Genes and Disease:  Polycystic Kidney Disease

World Health Organization (WHO)
       WHO:  Diabetic Nephropathy
       WHO:  Kidney Neoplasms
       WHO:  Kidney Transplantation
       WHO:  Kidney Injury

RNA Maturation, Transport and Surveillance (QC) and Protein Translation Pathway Suite
Suite includes:
  Spliceosomal pathway
  mRNA nuclear export pathway
  Ribosome biogenesis pathway
  Translation pathway

Pathway Suite for the Glucose Homeostasis-related Regulatory and Signaling Pathways Suite includes:
  Insulin Secretion Pathway
  Insulin Responsive Facilitated Sugar Transporter Mediated Glucose
    Transport Pathway
  Insulin Signaling Pathway
  Glucagon Signaling Pathway
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