09/27/2016 - RGD announces the release of the Hematologic Disease Portal

Hematologic diseases, those affecting the blood and blood-forming organs, impact millions of people in the United States. These afflictions include blood cell cancers, anemias, clotting and other rare genetic disorders. Understanding the importance of research into blood disorders, RGD is pleased to announce the release of its eleventh Disease Portal, for Hematologic Diseases.

The RGD Hematologic Disease Portal is an integrated resource for information on genes, QTLs and strains associated with a variety of blood disorders such as Anemia, Hematologic Neoplasms and Blood Coagulation Disorders, as well as Blood Platelet Disorders and many more. On the front page, view data for all hematologic disease states or refine your selection using pull-down lists of diseases. A single click on a disease will provide a summary of the associated genes, QTLs, and strains. The GViewer image gives a genome-wide view of human, rat and mouse data, and color-coded synteny maps allow comparison between species. Lists of objects annotated to the selected disease term are linked to comprehensively curated RGD records providing additional functional and genomic annotation. The Hematologic Disease Portal also provides one-click access to data on Phenotypes, Pathways and Biological Processes associated with blood diseases.  Tools, Related Links and Rat Strain Models pages link to additional resources of interest to hematologic disease researchers.

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