07/10/2015 - Announcing the Workshop on Genome Resources for the Rat Community


We are pleased to announce a three-day workshop on Genome Resources for the Rat Community, to be held at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Monday - Wednesday, September 14th – 16th 2015.

The workshop will be taught by experts in the field from Ensembl, the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and RGD, and will cover:
  • The current rat genome assemblies - what’s good, what’s problematic
  • Genome resources available at Ensembl
  • Manual gene annotation with the Havana team from the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute

Know of a region in the rat genome that needs work?  Attendees are encouraged to submit their genes or regions of interest to be reviewed and annotated during the workshop!

Preliminary timetable:
Day 1:
    Overview of Ensembl rat gene build and resources (including Compara, NGS analysis, track hubs)
    Manual annotation tools: Overview and demo
Day 2:
    Hands on annotation of regions of interest
Day 3:
    Gene families
    Hands on and discussion

Additional topics for discussion: Future priorities and building the annotation community
Examples: assemblies and strains

Lunches, refreshments and dinner will be provided.

If you are interested, please contact us with your name, affiliation and genomic region/genes of interest at:   rat-annotation@sanger.ac.uk