05/05/2016 - RGD announces the retirement of our GBrowse genome browsers

As of June 1st, 2016, all RGD GBrowse genome browsers will be retired from use and no longer available on the RGD website.  The Generic Model Organism Database (GMOD) which originally developed GBrowse no longer supports that browser, meaning any problems that occur with the browser will not be resolved.  As such, RGD has decided to switch completely to the faster, more agile and more extensible JBrowse genome browser, also from GMOD.  During the transition, data in RGD's rat, mouse and human GBrowse instances is no longer being updated. In addition, GBrowse versions have not been, and will not be, developed for the most recent reference assembly of any of these genomes.  Instead, rat genome assembly Rnor_6.0, mouse genome assembly GRCm38 and human genome assembly GRCh38 can all be found in JBrowse.

Understanding that JBrowse is unfamiliar to many of our users, we have published extensive help documentation including a direct comparison of GBrowse and JBrowse, and have recently released an introductory tutorial video to help you become familiar with the look, feel and functionality of JBrowse.  Also, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We are committed to making this transition as seamless as possible.