04/12/2016 - RGD releases a tutorial video about our Interactive Pathway Diagrams

RGD is pleased to announce the release of our newest tutorial video "Molecular Pathway Diagrams".  RGD had produced a tutorial about our interactive pathway diagrams when we first started offering them, but since that time what began as a simple diagram page has been expanded into a data portal offering a wealth of additional information about the pathway and its genes.  Our latest video explains the molecular pathway diagram portal pages from top to bottom, highlighting each element and detailing the important information available in each segment.  Whether you use the interactive pathway diagrams on a regular basis and want to make sure you're not missing important information, or you've never seen an RGD pathway diagram and are looking for an overview of what you'll see on that page, you'll find this video helpful and informative.

Click here to take a virtual walk through RGD's pathway portal for the Histone Modification Pathway.