02/24/2015 - RGD announces the official release of the JBrowse genome browser

RGD is pleased to announce the official release of our JBrowse genome browsers for rat, human and mouse!  Similar to GBrowse in functionality, although quite different in "look and feel", the JBrowse genome browser is a faster and more dynamic browser than the legacy GBrowse.  Plus, while all of the data available in GBrowse is also available in JBrowse, the latter browser contains additional data, such as RNA-Seq BAM alignment tracks, not available in GBrowse.  Since the developer of both browsers, the Generic Model Organism Database (GMOD), is deprecating the GBrowse browser in favor of the new JBrowse, RGD will be moving toward exclusive use of the new browser over time.  In the meantime, both browsers are available from the RGD home page and the "Genome Tools" page.

Select any of these links to try JBrowse for yourself:.

Need help getting started with JBrowse?  RGD has produced extensive help documentation whether you are looking for an overview of the browser, want to see a side-by-side comparison of GBrowse and JBrowse, or need help with a particular type of JBrowse track.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions regarding JBrowse (or anything else to do with RGD, our data, our tools or our website), click here to let us know!