RGD Data

RGD stores data about various "objects". The user can find all the associated data available for an object by clicking on a category name or an icon to begin an object-specific search.



Gene reports include a comprehensive description of function and biological process as well as disease, expression, regulation and phenotype information.

Strain reports include a comprehensive description of strain origin, disease, phenotype, genetics, immunology, behavior with links to related genes, QTLs, sub-strains, and strain sources.



QTL reports provide phenotype and disease descriptions, mapping, and strain information as well as links to markers and candidate genes.

Ontologies provide standardized vocabularies for annotating molecular function, biological process,cellular component, phenotype and disease associations. Allows searching across genes, QTLs, strains and provides a basis for cross-species comparisons..



SSLP and SNP reports provide mapping data, primer information, and size variations among strains.

Sequence reports provide sequence data related to genes, ESTs, and other object types as well as links to reports at NCBI.



Map reports provide comprehensive marker and map data for RH and genetic maps.

Reference reports provide full citations, abstracts, and links to Pubmed.