Gene: Neu4 (neuraminidase 4) Rattus norvegicus
Symbol: Neu4
Name: neuraminidase 4
Description: ENCODES a protein that exhibits exo-alpha-sialidase activity (ortholog); INVOLVED IN ganglioside catabolic process (ortholog); glycoprotein catabolic process (ortholog); oligosaccharide catabolic process (ortholog); PARTICIPATES IN sphingolipid metabolic pathway; FOUND IN mitochondrion (ortholog); organelle inner membrane (ortholog); INTERACTS WITH bisphenol A; 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzodioxine (ortholog); all-trans-retinoic acid (ortholog)
Type: protein-coding
Also known as: LOC316642; sialidase 4; sialidase-4
Latest Assembly: RGSC Genome Assembly v5.0
NCBI Annotation Information: Note: Neu4 (GeneID: 316642) is annotated incorrectly on Rnor_6.0 but correctly on Rn_Celera. Annotation of Neu4 on Rn_Celera is supported by synteny with human and mouse and is instead annotated as NEWGENE_1308624 (GeneID: 103690047) on Rnor_6.0. Additionally, the locus annotated as Neu4 on Rnor_6.0 likely represents a duplicate placement of this locus that lacks support by the syntenic region in mouse and human. BLASTing Neu4 NM_001108234.1 and NEWGENE_1308624 XM_006245535.2 against the rat genome (Annotation Release 105) shows best hits to NC_005108.4 on Rnor_6.0 (at locations where Neu4 and NEWGENE_1308624 are annotated) and AC_000077.1 on Rn_Celera where Neu4 is annotated. 2-sequence BLAST of Neu4 NM_001108234.1 against NEWGENE_1308624 XM_006245535.2 shows high sequence identity (66% coverage, 100% identity). BLASTing Neu4 underlying component AC118069.8 against the rat genome shows best hit to NC_005108.4 on Rnor_6.0 where Neu4 is annotated (hitting itself) and where NEWGENE_1308624 is annotated. 2-sequence BLAST of Neu4 underlying component AC118069.8 against NEWGENE_1308624 underlying component AABR07068355.1 shows 99% sequence identity across ~96 kb. [27 Mar 2015]
RGSC Genome Assembly v6.09101,284,902 - 101,290,558+NCBI
Rat Cytogenetic Map9q36 NCBI
RGSC Genome Assembly v5.09100,655,816 - 100,661,472+NCBI
RGSC Genome Assembly v3.4993,150,680 - 93,156,336+NCBI
Rat Celera Assembly991,931,048 - 91,936,704+NCBI
Genome Assembly 3.1993,343,347 - 93,360,169+NCBI

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RGD Object Information
RGD ID: 1308624
Created: 2005-01-12
Species: Rattus norvegicus
Last Modified: 2016-02-02
Status: ACTIVE