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In response to vascular injury, the hemostatic system triggers platelet aggregation and initiation of the coagulation cascade, primary and secondary hemostasis, respectively, to prevent bleeding. The coagulation cascade initiated via tissue factor - the extrinsic pathway, or contact - the intrinsic pathway, converges into a common pathway leading to formation of insoluble fibrin clots. A fibrinolytic cascade follows coagulation to lyse fibrin and protect against blood clotting. Several anticoagu

Pathway Diagram:

Elsevier Inc. Proc_act_diss ---| coagulation cascade pathway coagulation cascade pathway Gla domain Thbd Procr F2 Proc Proc_act Proc_act_diss Pros1 protease mediated signaling pathway vitamin K-dependent proteins, anticoagulation vitamin K cycle pathway Proc_act_diss ---- Pros1 F2 ---- Thbd Proc ---- Procr F2 --+> Proc_act F2 ---> Proc Proc_act ---- Procr Proc_act --+> protease mediated signaling pathway

Genes in Pathway:

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protein C anticoagulant pathway term browser
Symbol Object Name JBrowse Chr Start Stop Reference
G F2 coagulation factor II JBrowse link 3 80,529,468 80,542,993 RGD:1578508
G F5 coagulation factor V JBrowse link 13 82,479,997 82,535,540 RGD:1580373
G Proc protein C, inactivator of coagulation factors Va and VIIIa JBrowse link 18 24,918,402 24,928,822 RGD:1578389
G Procr protein C receptor JBrowse link 3 151,285,321 151,289,581 RGD:1578508
G Pros1 protein S JBrowse link 7 1,206,648 1,288,140 RGD:1578508
G Thbd thrombomodulin JBrowse link 3 142,748,673 142,752,325 RGD:11352294

Pathway Gene Annotations

Disease Annotations Associated with Genes in the protein C anticoagulant pathway
Disease TermsGene Symbols
Abortion, HabitualF5 , Thbd
Abruptio PlacentaeProc
Acquired AngioedemaF2
Activated Protein C ResistanceF5 , Proc , Pros1
Acute Coronary SyndromeF2
Acute Kidney InjuryProc , Thbd
Acute Lung InjuryF2 , Proc , Thbd
Adenomatous Polyposis ColiF5
Alzheimer DiseaseF2 , Thbd
Amyloid Neuropathies, FamilialF2
Anemia, Sickle CellF2
Angioedemas, HereditaryF2
Antiphospholipid SyndromeProc
Arthritis, ExperimentalF2 , Thbd
Arthritis, JuvenilePros1 , Thbd
Arthritis, RheumatoidF2 , Thbd
AsthmaF2 , Proc , Thbd
Atypical Hemolytic Uremic SyndromeThbd
Behcet SyndromeF5
Blood Coagulation DisordersF2 , F5 , Proc , Pros1
Brain EdemaF2
Brain InjuriesF2 , Thbd
Brain IschemiaF2 , F5
Breast NeoplasmsF5
Budd-Chiari SyndromeF5
Carcinoma, HepatocellularF2
Carcinoma, Non-Small-Cell LungThbd
Carotid Artery ThrombosisThbd
Carotid StenosisF2
Celiac DiseaseF2
Central Retinal Vein OcclusionProc
Cerebral HemorrhageF2
Cerebral InfarctionF2 , F5 , Pros1
Cerebral Small Vessel DiseasesThbd
Chagas DiseaseF2
Clear-Cell Metastatic Renal Cell CarcinomaF2
Colonic NeoplasmsF5
Colorectal NeoplasmsF5
Congenital Thrombotic Disease, due to Protein C DeficiencyProc
Coronary Artery DiseaseF2 , Thbd
Coronary DiseaseThbd
Crohn DiseaseF2 , Thbd
Dermatitis, AtopicF2
Diabetes Mellitus, ExperimentalF2 , Thbd
Diabetes Mellitus, Type 1Thbd
Diabetes Mellitus, Type 2F2 , Thbd
Diabetic NephropathiesF2
Disseminated Intravascular CoagulationF2 , Proc , Thbd
Drug-Related Side Effects and Adverse ReactionsThbd
EndotoxemiaF2 , F5 , Proc , Thbd
Endotoxin-Induced UveitisThbd
Erectile DysfunctionThbd
Eye DiseasesF2
Factor V DeficiencyF5
Familial Mediterranean FeverThbd
Fatty LiverF2
Femur Head NecrosisF2 , F5
Fetal DeathF5
Glomerulonephritis, MembranoproliferativeF5
Granulomatosis with PolyangiitisThbd
Hearing Loss, Noise-InducedProc
Hearing Loss, SensorineuralF2 , F5
Heat StrokeProc , Thbd
Hemolytic-Uremic SyndromeThbd
Hemophilia AF2
Hemophilia BF2
Hepatitis, AutoimmuneF2
Hepatitis, Viral, HumanF2
Huntington DiseaseF2
HyperalgesiaF2 , Thbd
Hypereosinophilic SyndromeF5
Hyperlipidemia, Familial CombinedThbd
HypertensionProc , Thbd
Hypertension, PulmonaryF5 , Thbd
Idiopathic Pulmonary FibrosisThbd
Infarction, Middle Cerebral ArteryProc
Infertility, FemaleProc
InflammationProcr , Thbd
Inflammatory Bowel Disease 11F2 , Thbd
Insulin ResistanceThbd
Intestinal Reperfusion InjuryProc
Kidney CalculiF2
Kidney Failure, ChronicF2 , F5 , Thbd
Leukemia, Lymphocytic, Chronic, B-CellThbd
Leukemia, Promyelocytic, AcuteThbd
Liver CirrhosisF2 , F5
Liver Cirrhosis, ExperimentalF5 , Procr , Pros1 , Thbd
Liver DiseasesThbd
Liver FailureF2
Liver Failure, AcuteThbd
Liver Reperfusion InjuryProc
Lung Reperfusion InjuryProc
Lupus Erythematosus, SystemicF2 , Thbd
Mesenteric IschemiaF2 , F5
Metabolic Syndrome XThbd
Multiple Organ FailureThbd
Myocardial InfarctionF2 , F5 , Proc , Thbd
Myocardial IschemiaF5
Neoplasm MetastasisF2
Nerve DegenerationF2
Neuropathy, PainfulThbd
Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver DiseaseF2
ObesityF2 , Thbd
Optic Neuropathy, IschemicF5
Osteoarthritis, KneeF2
Ovarian NeoplasmsF2
Pancreatitis, Experimental, Acute Proc
Pediatric Crohn's DiseaseF2
Pemphigoid, BullousF2
Peritoneal FibrosisF5
Pneumonia, BacterialF2
Pre-EclampsiaF2 , F5 , Proc
Prostatic NeoplasmsF2 , F5
Protein C DeficiencyProc
Protein S DeficiencyPros1
Prothrombin Deficiency, CongenitalF2
Pulmonary Disease, Chronic ObstructiveF2
Pulmonary EmbolismF2 , F5 , Proc , Pros1 , Thbd
Pulmonary FibrosisF2 , F5
Purpura FulminansProc
Purpura, Thrombotic ThrombocytopenicProc , Thbd
Reperfusion InjuryF2 , Thbd
Respiratory Distress Syndrome, AdultPros1 , Thbd
Retinal Artery OcclusionF5
Retinal Vein OcclusionF2 , F5
Rhinitis, AllergicF2
Sagittal Sinus ThrombosisF5 , Pros1
Scleroderma, SystemicF2
SepsisF2 , F5 , Proc , Thbd
Septic PeritonitisF5
Shock, HemorrhagicF2
Shock, SepticProc
Sinus Thrombosis, IntracranialF2
Skin Diseases, VascularF2
Spinal Cord InjuriesF2 , Thbd
Spinal Cord Reperfusion InjuryProc
Spondylitis, AnkylosingThbd
Stomach NeoplasmsThbd
StrokeF2 , F5 , Thbd
Systemic Inflammatory Response SyndromeThbd
ThromboembolismF2 , F5 , Proc , Pros1 , Thbd
ThrombophiliaF2 , F5 , Proc , Thbd
Thrombophilia due to Activated Protein C ResistanceF5
Thrombophilia due to Thrombomodulin DefectThbd
Thrombophilia, HereditaryF5
Thrombophilia, Hereditary, Due To Protein C Deficiency, Autosomal DominantProc
Thrombophilia, Hereditary, due to Protein C Deficiency, Autosomal RecessiveProc
Thrombophilia, Hereditary, Due To Protein S Deficiency, Autosomal DominantPros1
Thrombophilia, Hereditary, Due To Protein S Deficiency, Autosomal RecessivePros1
ThrombosisF2 , F5 , Proc , Pros1 , Thbd
Urinary Bladder NeoplasmsF2
Urinary CalculiF2
Vascular DiseasesPros1
Venous ThromboembolismF2 , F5 , Proc , Pros1
Venous ThrombosisF2 , F5 , Proc , Pros1
Ventricular Dysfunction, LeftF2
Ventricular FibrillationF2
Pathway Annotations Associated with Genes in the protein C anticoagulant pathway

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