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transgenic strain (RS:0000465)
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rat strain +     
advanced intercross line +   
chromosome altered +   
coisogenic strain +   
congenic strain +   
conplastic strain +   
consomic strain +   
hybrid strain +   
inbred strain +   
mutant strain +   
outbred strain +   
recombinant inbred strain +   
segregating inbred strain +   
Transchromosomal strain 
transgenic strain +   
Rats carry any DNA that has been stably introduced into the germline of the animal.
Wild +   

Definition Sources: Guidelines_for_Nomenclature_of_Genes_Genetic_Markers_Alleles_and_Mutations_in_Mouse_and_Rat:http://www.informatics.jax.org/mgihome/nomen/gene.shtml

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